In full kit? Are you sitting comfortably? Good.

Wear your favourite football shorts under your work gear? Go to bed in boxing shorts alone?

Hunting for guys into sports kit on apps with no luck? Want to meet other like-minded guys into sports gear?

At last the place is here. This is your chance to show your sports fetish to everyone.

 Sportsbolt club is the place where to meet guys who shares the same level of sports kit fetish as you. Chat and touch each other’s sports kit and more.

Come to Sportsbolt Club and you won’t want to leave.  So no more hiding away your sports kit under your clothes. Meet that builder who wears his football shorts under his work gear. Chat to that guy who wears boxing shorts in bed.

At Sportsbolt Club you can meet guys for real in their sports kit and experience the real euphoria a sports kit fetish can do.  So now we have your attention and you know where it all happens we will see you there!


There is a very strict sports kit dress code. You must wear the full correct kit of the sport you are into. Absolutely everyone who attends has to adhere to this to maintain that excitement sports kit fetish can do. Accepted sports gear includes Football kit, Rugby kit, Wrestling, Boxing, Cycling, Hockey, Baseball, Trackies, Jocks, Lycra.